Happy Anniversary Pastor Brown

All Honor, Praise and Glory To God, for another year of service for Pastor Isaiah A. Brown Serving as our magnificent Pastor for 16 years!! We  the members of  Our Saviour’s love you and are grateful for such a wonderful Pastor!! May God continue to bless you in many more years to come!!

Ms. Dawn Marie

By Minister Dawn Posted in Writers

2 comments on “Happy Anniversary Pastor Brown

  1. Amen to this posting! I join you in celebration of our Pastor and First Lady. My own personal testimony to this appreciation is that all my life, I knew about God – however it was when I came to Our Saviour’s Baptist Church, under the anointed leadership of our Pastor – that I am now KNOWING God for myself. I have learned the importance of prayer, and of being a prayer warrior. I have learned to study and grow in my knowledge of the Word which enables me to get through ANY situation that I may be facing. Years ago, I would fall apart – now I fall down on my knees and petition God. I have learned about Faith and that it is impossible to please God without it. I have learned about devotion, worship, dedication, commitment, fasting and forgiveness. I have received blessings of such magnitude that my words are inadequate to even do them justice by attempting to name or describe them. My life – has changed – I have changed. God has saved me and I accept my change. I praise God for it and thank God ….for them! My daily prayer is that He keep them in good health, in His favor and continue a fresh anointing on them both – for all of us. 🙂 I LOVE YOU PASTOR ISAIAH BROWN AND FIRST LADY TRACYE BROWN…. God Bless!

  2. You are awesome and we are so glad to have you as part of our family!! We Love you very much and are so thankful for all that you do for our family! May God Bless you in abundance!!

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